AddisonAddison’s Story

Addison is a very spunky, energetic beautiful 4 year old. She has two big sisters and a Mom and Dad that love her so much. On August 22, 2018 during her annual well check, Addison’s pediatrician palpated a mass in her abdomen. After a diagnostic ultrasound, Addy was immediately admitted to the hospital for a work up. An MRI showed a tumor on her adrenal gland. Addy was scheduled for surgery the following week, unfortunately, the resection was unsuccessful. Addy spent the week in the hospital and was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Addy is being treated with chemo in hopes the tumor will shrink enough for resection. With chemo comes many side effects including hair loss. Initially Addy was terrified of losing her hair. She thought she’s be made fun of. Fortunately , she has grown fond of her beautiful bald head and loves showing it off while sharing her story.

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