How does the Queen Bee Carry A Bead kit work?

Each time you purchase an exclusive Queen Bee Carry a Bead kit, you support the mission of the Bald Beauties Project® and Beads of Courage®. Each kit contains a pair of custom, handmade “Queen Bee” beads by bead artists Shannon Vickers or Jeannie Cox. After completing your own adventure return one Queen Bee along with words of encouragement to Beads of Courage. Your Queen Bee bead and your message of support will be given to a child with a serious illness on a tough treatment day or to celebrate a treatment milestone.

1. CARRY: Your kit contains a pair of matched beads with accompanying story card to carry or wear on an adventure big or small.

2. CONNECT: After your activity, return one bead along with your story card to be given to a child or teen in the Beads of Courage Program.

3. COLLECT: Keep one bead to symbolize your shared strength. The more times you Carry A Bead, the more beads you will have for your own strand of support.

Please note: Queen Bees may vary based on the contributing artist.

Cost: $20

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