The Bald Beauties Photo Project

One of the first and certainly the most noticeable side effects of chemotherapy is the loss of hair. This is a traumatic experience for most adults, but even more so for kids. It is both a visible and undeniable reminder to the patient and the outside world that one has cancer.

As Kelsey experienced firsthand, the opportunity to be professionally photographed was transformational. The ability to look, feel and be beautiful with baldness builds self-esteem and confidence. Accompanied by a make-up artist for those who want it, these photography sessions will be take place in various locations around Tucson. For those patients who can’t leave the hospital, the photographers will conduct the photo shoot at Diamond Children’s Hospital.

The Bald Beauties Project® will work with each family to match their individual needs/circumstances with one of our professional photographers and make-up artists for a special experience to be remembered. Each Bald Beauty will receive a flash drive of their images from the session as well as one image on a large canvas print that will surely be treasured. Providing other families with this priceless reminder of the beauty in all of us is a priority to the Bald Beauties Project®.

The self-esteem and confidence this experience brings to children and young adults will provide an immense emotional benefit that will assist them in their fight against cancer. Understanding that not all treatment outcomes are positive, for these families, the images of their loved one will be cherished and treasured reminders of their loved one.

The Bald Beauties Project® is currently providing services in Tucson, Arizona. Referrals are made through staff at Banner Diamond Children’s Hospital. For patients and their families, please work with your social worker on the Hematology Oncology Unit for an application and/or more information.

Teen Comfort Kits

Teens have different interests and needs than those of younger patients.
While the intentions are always good, gifts of stuffed animals, coloring books and small toys have limited value and usefulness to teens battling serious medical conditions. Taking their interests and needs into account, the Bald Beauties Project® will provide a Teen Comfort Kit to newly diagnosed/hospitalized teenagers.

Packaged in a small duffle bag, each Teen Comfort Kit will contain a plush blanket, eye mask, small pillow, ear buds, a Dammit Doll and other luxury items that teens will love. Through medical staff and social worker referrals, the Teen Comfort Kits will be made available to teenagers diagnosed with a childhood cancer or other life-threatening medical conditions.

AML Research

With only 4% of all National Cancer Institute’s funding going towards pediatric cancer research, we realize that more needs to be done if we want to help our children with new treatment options so that children no longer have to fight this aggressive cancer.

Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) is a rare and aggressive form of Leukemia. According to the American Cancer Society (estimated cases for childhood and adolescent cancers, US 2014) there are only 730 diagnosis of AML per year. Regardless of what type of childhood cancer, the percentage of all research funds allocated to pediatric cancer research is vastly disproportionate to percentage of child afflicted with cancer out of all cancer patients. The Bald Beauties Project® hopes to help fund AML research with nominal annual grants to the Children’s Oncology Group Foundation.