Broden Broden’s Story

Broden is an avid bike rider and was a state champion last year. He had started to limp and noticed it was not going away. After he rode 71 miles the previous month along with a dusk to dawn race two weeks later we thought that he was unable to heal due to a minor fall and too much cycling. Ultimately, it was a large tumor on his right thigh just above his knee called Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Broden was facing amputation and knew he didn’t want any limitations on his life. He discovered he could have a surgery called rotationplasty – where the bottom of the femur, the knee, and the upper tibia are surgically removed. The lower leg is then rotated 180 degrees and then attached to the femur. This procedure allows kids to be more active and easier to learn high level activities.

When Broden started chemo his hair started to fall out within two weeks. He had fun making a long mohawk with the use of hair glue before his hair was gone! He has now had the rotationplasty surgery and hopes he will be back to entering future bike races soon.

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