CydneyCydney’s Story

Cydney, 8, was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma on June 20, 2017. She underwent resection the following morning. There wee complications during the 13 hour surgery which led to excessive bleeding. Cydney came out of surgery in a coma, where she remained for several days. A week after surgery she was able to have the ventilator removed and we began getting responses from her. Cydney responded to our voices by squeezing our hands and eventually smiling. Within a couple of days these responses stopped and she could no longer move her body on her own. She had developed Posterior Fossa Syndrome and could not swallow, talk, move her head or limbs and could not respond to vocal cues. The doctors had no clear answer as to how long or extensive the loss of abilities would be. Cydney spent the next three months at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Three weeks after her initial surgery she had a shunt placed to help drain the spinal fluid around her brain. On August 7, 2017 Cydney began 6 weeks of radiation therapy along with weekly chemo treatments. Upon completion of radiation in September Cydney began intensive therapy through a rehabilitation unit at Phoenix Children’s and then transferred to Tucson Medical Center. In November of 2017 Cydney began a 9 month chemotherapy protocol at Diamond Childrens.

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