ImageDisplay-1Daletzi’s Story

Daletzi is quite shy but if she likes you enough to show you the real her then you must be very special to her!

Daletzi was diagnosed with a tumor behind the left eye at 8 years of age called Rhabdomyosarcoma. It has changed her life in a positive way, she has grown in spirit and has so many plans for the future.

Daletzi has decided that she will let her hair grow so that she can donate it to children who need it. She will study to become a child life specialist to show kids at the hospital a great time.

I have learn so much about my daughter when we participated in The Bald Beauties Project®. It was an amazing experience that helped Daletzi to come out of her shell. Daletzi was confident, she showed her beauty in every photo and had great time.

Thank you for the experience and helping us to build great memories during these difficult times.  We love to see Daletzi’s beautiful smile.

Daletzi’s Gallery