ElisaElisa’s Story

My name is Elisa, but if you’re feeling magical you can call me Elsa. I got the nickname when I worked at Party City for about two years. I loved working! I am 21 year old and I was diagnosed with T Cell Lymphoma on June 20, 2018. When I started to lose my hair I felt so ugly and like I wasn’t myself anymore. My hair was a big part of my personality. I would dye my hair and cut it in different styles and I would love to spiral curl it. Once I was in treatment I didn’t want visitors because I didn’t want anyone to see me, this also made me depressed. One day my nurses were helping me to change my feeding tube and my scarf had fallen off. The nurses told me how pretty my bone structure was and that I had a great bald head. This helped to give me confidence and not feel as though I had to hide my head behind a scarf each day. Having my picture taken provided me with more self confidence as my inner beauty shined through.

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