Hannah Hannah’s Story

In March of 2022 I thought I had slept on my neck wrong after visiting a chiropractor, the pain continued to get worse and turned into chronic pain. Each doctor I saw thought that the pain was in my head. A few months later my left arm became atrophied and could not use it all. At last I had a doctor who listened to my concerns and ordered an MRI with sedation. The MRI revealed that I had a 9 cm tumor growing out of the vertebrae (an epithelioid sarcoma), I had emergency surgery to remove the tumor. One week later the tumor grew back! My treatment included a chemo regimen which has turned the tumor into scar tissue. The scans show that the tumor has fractured my vertebrae, my neurosurgeon has called me a miracle child.

When I lost my hair I didn’t feel beautiful any longer and could not look in the mirror. At Hannah’s photo shoot you could see her confidence and beauty shine through.

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