JuliaJulia’s Story

Julia woke up with a headache on May 19 2018. After going to the hospital it was discovered that she had a brain bleed. She had brain surgery to remove half her skull to allow for swelling and almost didn’t make it. She was medivacced to Phoenix for care. Julia fought back and was attempting to live a normal life when she experienced another brain bleed on November 18, 2018. On Thanksgiving, Julia had surgery to remove a malignant tumor. She was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, although extremely rare, the cancer has spread to her bones. Julia has been treated with radiation and chemo.

She was not concerned about only losing her hair but what she would look like bald due to four brain surgeries and the surgery to install a shunt. She fears the scars, the shunt and the replacement of her skull and hardware needed would make her head less attractive when bald. We shaved Julia’s head on January 14, 2019 and she looks beautiful! She has accepted and embraced her baldness and found creative ways of dealing with it. Julia is an amazing person and uses her experience to help others who may face the same situation. Her sense of humor, positivity, her acceptance and up beat “never quit” attitude along with her love and compassion for others and her strong faith in God have astounded me (Dad). She shows me the good and beauty in any situation we face. Although Julia does feel self conscious at times she does not let it hinder her or her spirit.

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