MaiyahMaiyah’s Story

Maiyah was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid leukemia in July 2016. It was discovered during her annual sports physical. Her mother had some concerns about Maiyah’s energy level and possible thyroid issues. Maiyah’s Primary care physician ordered some non-routine blood work as a precautionary measure. Maiyah’s diagnoses was shock to everyone. Up until this point Maiyah had not displayed any symptoms. Within a week Maiyah began oral Chemotherapy.

Maiyah began school in 2016 with out missing a beat. Over the course of the first semester with her weekly appointments Maiyah began to struggle to keep up with the strenuous academics at her prep school and she was moved to a public school that had a more flexible curriculum that would allow for her keep up at her own pace. She finished the year out playing on her schools softball team and maintaining good grades.

In March 2017 after a bone marrow biopsy it was that discovered that Maiyah’s Leukemia had a mutation that was resistant to the current Chemo therapy. The doctors informed us that a cure would most likely come from a bone marrow transplant.

Maiyah’s Transplant was a huge success. She is currently in remission and has progressed through treatment with the best case scenario so far. Throughout the whole process Maiyah has been most down about losing her hair. Her photo shoot with the Bald Beauties Project has reminded her how beautiful she really is. Maiyah’s hair has now begun to grow back. After her photo shoot she is thinking about keeping her hair short because she no longer believes her hair is the source of her beauty.

Maiyah is looking forward to returning to school in February 2018 and making her school Varsity Softball team. After Graduation Maiyah plans to attend the University Of Arizona and walk on with the softball team and major in nursing.

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