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After chemo treatments, doctor visits, a stem cell transplant, and plenty of pokes and prods in between, it was nice to spend an afternoon with Stephanie and my mom just taking pictures and commemorating a pivotal point in my treatment.

I’m not one to get caught up in my appearance but having someone professionally apply my makeup made me feel prettier than I have in a long time since it’s not a usual part of my routine. I had already accepted my bald head, but seeing the emotion it made my parents feel and the pride I show off my pictures with really concrete my acceptance and I hope every person that has this opportunity feels that way.

Bald is beautiful, but it’s a lot harder to say as a cancer patient until you have the proof before you. This way, it’s undeniable and I could never thank Stephanie, the program, and Kelsey enough for giving me the opportunity to feel that way.

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