4Noah’s Story

On August 25, 2015 our world was completely turned upside down upon hearing the words, “your child has cancer.” On that day, Noah was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia).

The first 9 months of treatment were very difficult but Noah stayed positive even when he couldn’t walk due to neuropathy from chemo. We spent our days watching “Duck Dynasty” while in the hospital so we could laugh.

One of the most difficult things he had to hear was that he was going to lose his hair. After meeting Angeline from Beads of Courage and hearing her story, he began to feel better about his impending hair loss. One day he decided he would shave his head and our whole family followed suit! Just as Noah’s hair started to grow back, he ended up losing all of it in one day during an in-patient hospital stay. After that he wore baseball caps and beanies everywhere we went.

Until his Bald Beauties photo shoot.

And then he rocked his bald everywhere and never put on another cap.

Noah is now in the Maintenance phase of treatment and although he has a couple of years ahead of him, he is back in school and doing amazing!

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