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I remember the night Owen lost his hair, I had put him to bed with a full head of hair. I awoke early the next morning to take Owen’s siblings to school while he slept. When I returned, Owen was sitting in our bed watching cartoons and drinking milk while his Dad got ready for work. When I walked into the bedroom, Owen was almost completely bald and my heart sank. How did I miss it? How did I not know? The moment was so sad that I sat down and cried. It wasn’t the hair loss, it was stark reminder of the battle my son was fighting. Just another loss, another thing I couldn’t protect him from. His hair will grow back but his life is forever changed by cancer.

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Poem from Owen’s Mom when he first lost his hair:
I woke up in the morning,
I saw you in the light,
there was a change that had occurred,
in the silence of the night.
Little soft blonde wisps of hair were scattered all around.
Your hair was floating through the air and falling to the ground.
We knew that this would happen, as the meds fight to save your life.
What I didn’t prepare my heart for was the sadness and internal strife.

“Its just hair” they say, “It will grow back like new” but no one should have to watch their child fight cancer at the ripe old age of TWO.

By Owen’s Mom, Rachael

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