PeterPeter’s Story

Petey was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in April 2023 after going to his doctor for what we thought was appendicitis. Upon diagnosis there were many fears, tears and heart-wrenching conversations.Petey has kept his sense of humor stating “appendicitis suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.” Petey continues to maintain a positive attitude and lets everyone know that he will beat this, there is no other option. Cancer will not win.

Upon losing his hair, everybody cried. Petey says that losing his hair makes it real and he doesn’t just want to be another cancer patient. He has started to embrace his baldness as a symbol of being a warrior, not just another cancer patient. He tells everyone that he is built differently and proves it with his amazing attitude and his love and concern for others. Petey shows us the kind of people we all want to be.

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