RaulRaul’s Story

In August 21, 2017, we were getting ready to head out for lunch when he bled from his nose for the first time that day. Late in the afternoon, he again began to bleed from his nose, but this time with blood clots and we could not stop them so we took him to the ER. We did not expect that diagnosis considering his numbers were normal, hemoglobin 14. His platelets were 60, so we thought perhaps it was a virus or some form of mosquito bite, but it wasn’t! The results came in and they found leukemia cells in his blood. Our life changed instantly as he is our only son. From that moment on, we knew that as a family we would become stronger than ever! Together with our friends and all the people that continue to support us on a daily basis, we will conquer cancer; as cancer does not separate, but unifies and transforms everyone surrounding it with love!

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