RemiRemi’s Story

Remi was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia right before his 3rd birthday. We took him on his first family vacation to Disneyland when he woke up one morning unable to bear weight on his right leg. We took him to Urgent Care but they could not find anything. His symptoms worsened and we went to the ER. where the news of Remi’s diagnosis changed our lives forever. Remi spent his 3rd birthday in the hospital and away from family because we were still in California. We eventually made it back to Tucson to continue treatment. Remi has remained strong and brave. He held onto his hair for more than six months of chemo, providing us with moments of normalcy. Now that he has lost his hair it is a reminder of the reality that Remi has cancer but it is also a reminder of his strength and bravery.

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