SaraSara’s Story

Sara is our 3 year old baby girl whose beauty inside radiates to her outer beauty. She has such a contagious laughter and exudes positivity even though she has endured so much since the day she was born. Sara was born with Inherited Thrombocytopenia (ITP), where Sara had dangerously low platelets that are needed for normal blood clotting. Since birth she has had multiple transfusions, treatments, surgeries and endless testing. Everything has come back normal or negative to even the rarest known illnesses that would cause low platelets. After exhausting every treatment option she was recently diagnosed with “ITP” and it was recommended that Sara have a bone marrow transplant for ITP. Sara’s beautiful golden brown locks fell out in handfuls once she received chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments. Overnight her beautiful curls became velcro-like on her head and we had no other option but to shave it all off.

Sara’s first transplant failed and she needed to go for a second transplant as soon as possible. Her big brother Jay was her donor for both transplants. Sara was sicker with multiple side effects with the second bone marrow transplant, but her bald head was still present. Sara can’t wait until her hair grows back and for her body to accept the transplant this round.

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