SydniSydni’s Story

I’m Syd, I have a million interests an I am passionate about everything! I have always loved people and nature. Since the age of six, I had several episodes of unexplained illnesses increasing in severity and length of hospital stays. In 2017 migraines prompted the doctors to do an MRI on my brain and spine, I was officially diagnosed with Familial Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (Familial HLH) in March 2018. Familial HLH is a rare disorder of the immune system.

In July of 2018 I underwent a bone marrow transplant. I celebrated 100 days post transplant with my Bald Beauties Project photo shoot! Losing my hair has brought me empowerment and I know know that love and beauty will always be within, no matter the circumstance. My outlook is to believe in the human connection for growth and healing.

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