ZabdielZabdiel’s Story

My name is Zabdiel Antonio Samaniego Perez. I was only 2 years old when I got diagnosed with AML leukemia on December 1st, 2017. The road to leading me here has been very strange. I don’t know much of whats going on but i have managed to cope with my environment. Getting my hair shaved off has been one of the worst as i hate getting hair cuts. Cutting it bald well that just takes a long time and I was not having it so i did not make it easy for my parents and nurses, but in the end I like it. Its been very difficult at times because I suck my thumb and curl my hair with my hand when I want to sleep, now its not possible so i use my dads hair sometimes my moms. I don’t understand everything that is happening or why its happening but I know God is with me and that one day pretty soon i will be home and I will have my happy life back! I’m 3 years old now and this photo session will remind me every day how strong and brave I am!!

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